The book "A Walk in High Resolution" delves into our physical presence, sleeping, awakening, and navigating city spaces. Since 2008, artist David Bergé has been leading silent walks, guiding participants through urban textures without speaking or taking pictures.

Since 2008, the artist David Bergé has been creating "Walk Pieces," where he leads people in silence along a specific path and time through the different textures and structures that make up a city. Walking together highlights the small details of street life, and during these walks, people don't talk or take pictures.

The book includes writings by David Bergé, photos by Junyong Cho, and essays by Dieter Roelstraete and Marcelo Rezende.

Year: 2020
Type: Publication
Client: David Bergé, published by Japsam Books

Made in collaboration with Remco van Bladel