Zembla is a Dutch investigative journalism program and online platform known for its in-depth reporting on a wide range of topics, including politics, society, and culture. It has gained recognition for its rigorous research and exposés, making it a prominent source of critical journalism in the Netherlands.

Over the span of three years, Laura Brouwer served as an art director and graphic designer within the Zembla Online team. Throughout this period, her role included building and implementing a brand new online identity.

The primary objective was to craft a captivating visual style tailored to a younger social media audience while maintaining a link to the established TV visual identity. To achieve this in a compact team, an elaborate design system was established, featuring numerous user-friendly templates.

Besides creating the new online identity, Laura undertook responsibilities such as crafting infographics, producing animations, transforming data into visuals, and simplifying complex subjects through easily comprehensible graphics.

Year: 2023
Type: Art Direction, Visual Journalism, Content Creation
Client: Zembla Online