The Leader (2017)

Armchair traveller: someone who knows about a particular subject from reading or hearing about it, but does not have any real experience with it.

I travelled to North Korea: the most secretive country and isolated civilization. For already a long time I was quite obsessed with the mysterious aspects of it. How the government uses propaganda in a very unsettling way wasn't only seen at the streets, but also in North-Korean's houses. There are three people in North-Korea that matter: The Great General, The Dear Leader and The Supreme Leader.
Every North-Korean person has their portraits hanging centrally in their living room. By capturing the outside architecture and interior of the citizens I captured the isolation and anonymity.

The actual pictures are taken in The Hague, The Netherlands. By finding the right architecture, the right editing and finding the right content I created the illusion that I actually travelled to North-Korea.