Currency For A Caring Economy (2019)

In ‘Currency for a Caring Economy’ Laura Brouwer and Nicolai Schmelling set the spotlight on the domestic worker and their invisible, but highly essential role in society. Before creating this documentary Laura and Nicolai did extensive research upon global demographic shifts, the next workforce, cryptocurrencies, and sentimental analysis algorithms. With this knowledge, they created a conceptual currency which is meant to reward domestic work. In the documentary, Laura and Nicolai interviewed Heleen Vink and Lévi Cox on topics such as combining work with children, workload, if domestic work should be monetarily rewarded, and how this fictional currency could be invested.

Concept, design & interview: Laura Brouwer and Nicolai Schmelling Interviewees: Heleen Vink and Lévi Cox Sound editing: Jasper Ras

With special thanks to Matthias Kreutzer, Maarten Cornel and James Graves